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DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN TUSCANY What young girl has not dreamed at one time in her life of having a beautiful wedding in Tuscany, surrounded by fairytale castles brought to life by the warm Tuscan sun?

WEDDINGS IN TUSCANY Tuscany is an almost magical place, filled with living reminders of times gone by, when the world was young and romance was everywhere. Let Tuscany add the final touch of magic your wedding day!
  • It’s your wedding day, Princess!
  • The Tuscany region of Italy can fulfill virtually any wedding dream or wedding fantasy that you have ever had. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a princess and having your wedding in a real castle, then Tuscany is the place for you. During the 16th century Tuscany was one of the power centers of Europe and is filled with ancient castles, magnificent villas, and some of the most beautiful and enormous medieval and Renaissance churches and abbeys that you’ll find anywhere.
  • Tuscany extends from the brilliant blue shores of the warm, inviting Mediterranean into the mountainous interior of the ancient countryside. One of the most fabled cities in the Tuscan region is Florence, birthplace of the legendary Michael Angelo. Imagine holding your wedding in a church or an abbey or a villa where the great Michael Angelo once lived and breathed and perhaps even worked!
  • Works by the great masters adorn every wall and every ceiling.
  • Or perhaps you’ve dreamed of starting your new life under murals painted by the ultimate master, Leonardo DaVinci. Names and places that you have heard about all of your life become real around every corner here in this magical land of Tuscany. Florence is resplendent with 16th century castles and magnificent villas that reflect the glory and the power and the enlightenment of a bygone era…an era that you and your lover can capture for eternity with but the two sweet words…”I do.”
  • Your civil wedding in Florence will be held in the world-famous Red Hall, a truly dramatic and awe-inspiring location. The hall itself is huge, with silk drapes dramatically accenting the windows and giant gold-gilded mirrors reflecting the opulent beauty of the room and your own glowing radiance into a thousand magical images that will be pressed into your memory forever.
  • With views of the Tuscan Valley that extend into the twilight of your memory.
  • As beautiful and as magical as Florence is, it is not your only choice when planning your wedding in Tuscany. A favorite wedding destination is the ancient town of Pienza, where your ceremony will be held inside a 14th century palazzo, covered with Renaissance frescoes. The town itself is nestled in the panoramic Tuscan Valley, providing jaw-dropping backgrounds for your precious wedding pictures.
  • Or perhaps your ceremony will be held in the shadow of the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pizza!
  • Or perhaps your dream has been to be married in Pizza, in the shadow of one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Leaning Tower. Besides the Leaning Tower, Pizza has a magnificent ancient town hall with original Renaissance paintings lining the walls which seem to be listening intently as your and your love exchange vows.
  • In the picturesque village of Lucca you can have your civil ceremony performed in a genuine ornate castle in the center of town, exactly like the princess you’ve always dreamed of being.
  • Let the warm Tuscan sun fill your souls with unforgettable romance and adventure.
  • Tuscany is filled with so many romantic hideaways and splendid castles and grand villas that there is literally no end to the choices you have for your romantic, once-in-a-lifetime wedding.
  • And getting married in Italy is relatively simple. For non-Italians there is no waiting period and no residency required. While the paperwork necessary to arrange for your civil wedding ceremony is not terribly difficult to obtain, it is still recommended that you contact a professional wedding facilitator who can more easily and assuredly navigate through the shoals of Italian bureaucracy and make certain that your wedding goes off without a hitch exactly when and where you wish it to.
  • Non-Italians will need a passport or a military identification card, and you will need a recently-acquired birth certificate. You will also need to provide a sworn statement, with four witnesses, that guarantees that according to the laws of the country of your residence that you are legally able to marry. You will then need to swear the same thing before an official at your embassy or consulate in Italy.
  • In order to make sure all of your paperwork is in place you should plan to be in the area where your ceremony will take place at least three to four days before your planned ceremony.
  • Catholic weddings are possible in Italy for non-Italians, but they are not easy to arrange. If you have your heart set on a catholic wedding then you would be well advised to hire the services of a professional wedding consultant in Italy to help with the details.
  • A common solution is to hold a civil ceremony prior to your religious or symbolic ceremony.
  • A simpler method and one used by hundreds of couples each year is to hold a civil ceremony prior to holding a religious or a symbolic ceremony. With a civil marriage license in hand the problems of arranging a religious ceremony become far fewer. Many people have a civil ceremony in the morning and hold a religious or symbolic ceremony later that same afternoon.
  • Your wedding reception in Tuscany will be talked about by friends and family for years to come!
  • And, of course, following your wedding your guests will be treated to some of the best food and wine anywhere on earth! Tuscany is known far and wide for the hospitality of its warm and generous people as well as for the delights of its table!
  • No matter how you look at it, Tuscany is where your dreams and your fantasies can all come true…brought to life by the warm and gentle Tuscan sun.

WEDDING LOCATIONS IN ITALY Find the most unique and unforgettable luxury wedding venues throughout Italy: castles, villas, palaces in the most stunning italian locations. If you’re not sure where to start or if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, then please do get in touch.

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