Wedding Guest Activities in Italy


GUEST ACTIVITIES Guest activities are one of the most important components of a destination wedding. Since this is an occasion where guests and family travel to be together and often include their vacation time into scheduling, couples like to offer more than just the ceremony as the reason to fly over to Italy. Many put together 1 or 2 days of events to create a memorable time for everyone. A wedding program or save the date letter can be printed or e-mailed to announce all activities.

GUEST ACTIVITIES FOR WEDDINGS IN ITALY Our staff will help you create a custom wedding program that includes one or more selected activities. Our most popular is a private wine tour into the countryside inclusive of wine tastings in exclusive private wineries, lunch at a typical villa or farmhouse and a stop at a typical medieval hill town. But this is just one of the many possible options.
  • Here is a list of some of the things we can organize for you and your friends and relatives:
  • Balloon rides
  • Chauffeured half and full day tours
  • Cooking classes or demonstrations
  • Golf packages
  • Horseback riding excursions with guide
  • Mushroom or truffle hunting
  • Tours of villas, castle, villas or medieval towns
  • Wine tours

    • CHAUFFEUR TOURS For those wanting to experience the real Italian countryside in a personal, non-touristy manner, there is nothing that can compare to a chauffeur driven excursion. Ours are custom designed and often come with a wine tasting and authentic meal reflecting the local culinary heritage in informal surroundings.
    • Imagine exploring the romantic Lake District or the Umbrian wine country with a a native who can explain to you the history and culture of the region he or she grew up in.
    • You will have made friends with someone for the rest of your life and discover more about Italy and iIts people.
    • Best of all you will not have to worry about finding these hidden, out of the way locations on your own; but can soak in the splendour of your surroundings in comfort and a relaxed atmosphere.

    • COOKING CLASS Ever dreamed of having a personal, one on one cooking class designed just for you?
    • Enjoy a private class in Florence or Tuscany, or perhaps private dinner in the palace of a countess who will pass on all her secrets.
    • The cook will explain the typical dishes and the history of the major ingredients. Everyone will get the chance to cook and if you want to also go to the local market to shop for ingredients this can be arranged. You could make the famous ravioli fresh eggs and ricotta. You will also learn to prepare a second course and very simple (and TASTY!) appetizers. Once the dessert is also ready, you will taste everything, accompanied by excellent wines. Even the cook will join you. He or she will tell you the story of the region or city and secrets of authentic local cuisine.

    • HORSEBACK EXCURSIONS One of our most popular services is a private guided horseback excursion in the Italian Countryside (Umbria and Tuscany particularly). Away from the tourist spots, lies a region of hills, forests and olive groves. Your guide will help you discover the authenticity of your surroundings. We can arrange a further stop at various farmhouses for a tasty picnic and visit cheese farms and local olive oil producers.

      PRIVATE GUIDES Our travel services are first class only. We believe that the best way of exploring a city, museum or monument is with a private guide that will introduce you to Italy’s treasures in a personal, tailored manner. This allows you to view what you want, how you want and to create your own type of itinerary instead of being carted around in a big bus with 50 other strangers.
    • Our guides are certified, official guides and members of the professional guide association. They are multi-lingual, courteous and enthusiastic about their work and the city they represent.
    • Some ideas for your private guided tour of your city of choice:
    • 1. Your favorite museum, seen in-depth one on one.
    • 2. A walking highlight tour of the finest monuments of the city.
    • 3. Following the footsteps of a famous historical figure.
    • The choice is yours; our private guides have a huge repertory of possibilities and will be happy to assist you in creating a memorable itinerary.

    • WINE TOURS IN ITALY Our wine tours are among the most highly praised services we offer...they are exclusive, private chauffeur driven excursions into the finest wine country - led by an expert local who will take you out of the tourist trail and let you discover the authenticity of the region you are visiting.
    • There are many possibilities and we can customize the day as you wish. Some couples turn this into a memorable rehearsal dinner by starting the day with a wine tour for all their guests and ending with a delightful dinner in a country inn.
    • Itinerary includes: driver/guide with car provided. Wine tasting, lunch in a typical trattoria. Visits of ancient castles, villas, cellars as well as a complete experience of the countryside and medieval hill towns. Tour generally lasts about 6 to 8 hours.

    WEDDING PLANNING SERVICES Learn more about everything we offer to help your big day come together seamlessly, and start envisioning what your fairy tale wedding could be. If you’re not sure where to start or if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, then please do get in touch.

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